How To Make A Magic Hat

- Jun 25, 2018-

l. Use a cardboard to make a topless paper cap.

2. Take 4 blocks of 20×20×8 (mm) and 1 block of 20×80×8. Two of them are affixed with white glue on the two sides under the rectangular block; the other two are tight. Stick on both sides of the top, use a section of 14th thick wire to make a shaft and make a movable wooden frame.

3. Cut two circles (diameters are slightly smaller than the diameter of the paper cap) from another piece of cardboard, one for the top plate and the other for the bottom plate. Next, the top plate is glued to the upper end of the movable wooden frame with white glue, and the bottom plate is attached to the lower end of the wooden frame.

4. Stick a long bamboo stick on top of the top plate, and both ends into the sides of the paper cap so that the top plate, the movable wooden frame and the bottom plate are all moved into the paper cap. In this way, the magic paper cap succeeded.

5. Put a magic paper hat on your head. When you perform, remove the paper hat. The bottom plate of the paper hat immediately hangs down and pulls the top plate up. If you make some decoration on the floor in advance, the performance can be good!