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Welcome to Party Corner! One stop Party stuff purchasing ! Product Description · Includes: One Head Sweatband and Two Wristbands. · Ultra Comfy and Durable: 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon. · Super Absorbent: Deluxe terry cloth cotton helps to absorb more sweat, and stop dripping. · Multi...

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Welcome to Party Corner!  

One stop Party stuff purchasing !

Product Description

· Includes: One Head Sweatband and Two Wristbands.

· Ultra Comfy and Durable: 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon.

· Super Absorbent: Deluxe terry cloth cotton helps to absorb more sweat, and stop dripping.

· Multi Sport Use: Great for exercise, sports teams, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, gymnastics, and more.

· Buy for the whole team or just for yourself, and match up with your uniforms with multiple colors!

· Available in 15 different colors - This is one of the most popular sweatband sets we have to offer. The set comes with 1 headband and 2 wristbands. If you need to match these up with your jersey, don't sweat it. The sweatband set is available in 9 different colors! Including black, white, blue, pink, orange, yellow, red, green and purple. Ships Same Day. Ideal for basketball, running, cycling and more! Ultra Comfy and Durable! 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon. Wholesale pricing is available. Buy for the whole team or just for yourself! Match up with your uniform. A portion of the Breast Cancer will be Donated to a Charity.

Product Description


 Sweatband Set - (1 Headband and 2 Wristbands)

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1. What is the mini order for Sweatband Set?

100 pcs

2. What is the material?


3. Do you accept to customize Logo?

Sure, Logo will be printed on the cardboard.

4. Sample time?

Sample time is 3-7 days ( existed design), if you want to add Logo or other decoration, it will be 7-10 days sample time.

5. Production time?

Production time is 15-20days. If we have stock, we can send you in 3 days.

6. Which payment do you use?

T/T, West Union, Paypal, or alibaba payment.

7. Which shipping method do you use?

Express( small order), Sea ( big cargo)


A: Absolutely perfect addition to my running gear. From time to time while running, one has the need to wipe sweat from the eyes or occasionally wipe ones nose. Sleeves are an imperfect solution and if one has no sleeves that day one must resort to awkwardly pulling up the shirt to reach the face. Now I simply wear one of these wrist bands on the opposite wrist as my watch- problem solved. Having two means one is always clean and ready even if one is in the wash. The headband is a bonus for keeping hair out of my eyes when I don't want to wear a hat. These are soft, plush and seem very well made.No headband headache!

B: Great fit! Very comfortable and soft, especially for my large head size. And thick enough to absorb many hours of intense sweating I experience in the racquetball courts every week during competitive play.

After six months of using these headbands and wristbands, I'm convinced that the combination of 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon is the reason that this is the best blend for sports enthusiasts active in either indoor or outdoor sports... sports that really make you sweat! This simply translates into a very durable design that will NOT lose its elasticity (or softness) like so many of the 100% cotton blends that I've used over many years, especially if you have a problem with not correctly washing and drying this material like you should. This blend is very forgiving!

I would strongly recommend washing the headband / wristbands set immediately after receiving them because after ordering these sets a couple times in the past year, they tend to have a very oily chemical smell to them after you open up the sealed cellophane like packaging material. Unfortunately, I am chemically sensitive so I feared that if washing them would not remove this bad chemical smell then I would never be able to use these items again. But to my surprise, the smell was completely removed after initially throwing them in the wash machine.

Although I thought the headband was a little too wide at first (2 inches), it slightly shrank after several washes and now fits me perfectly. The mild shrinking seems to have subsided as well. I wish the wristbands that came with the set were about 1 inch thicker, which would be about 3 inches wide instead of 2 inches wide. But not a serious deal breaker for me in this case.

Delivery time and was acceptable and the shipping charges hardly go up if you order multiple sets.

I plan to keep purchasing this brand again.

Now you simply can not beat this price for the quality you get either...

C: Comfy. My girlfriend says that I have a huge head, but I was able to wear the headband all night for my Halloween costume. It was very comfortable and looked great! She has a tiny head, and the set she bought from the local store was too tight for her. Both were about the same price, but this set was noticeably better quality.

D: I'm an avid long distance hiker and got tired of having sweat in my eyes and glasses..then I remembered the 1970s when we wore sweat bands. Of course found these on Amazon...the price was right. Very happy with this product...extremely thick and comfortable! I used the headband to keep my hair out of my face while washing on a recent camping trip. Told my sister about these and she also ordered a set. I'm going to get a second set. Love these!

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